The 1982 Benefactors' Society

Ensuring the Food Bank's Long-Term Success

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The 1982 Benefactors' Society was created to honor those involved in the first days of food banking in Rhode Island. Inspired by their efforts to help fellow Rhode Islanders, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank is pleased to invite those who remember the Food Bank in their wills or estate plans, to help future generations of Rhode Islanders.

Society Membership Benefits

Your membership involves no dues or obligations, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made and it may inspire generosity in others.

Benefits of membership in The 1982 Benefactors' Society also include social gatherings, invitations to special events and with your permission, your name will be added to a plaque located in a prominent place at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

The most important benefit you will receive from joining The 1982 Benefactors' Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to the Food Bank ensuring that no Rhode Islander will go hungry in the future.

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The 1982 Benefactors' Society Members

Walter Brine with his dog

Walter L. "Salty" Brine left a bequest for the Food Bank in his will.

  • Anonymous (58)
  • Grace Alpert*
  • Gussie Baxt*
  • Jeffrey Bob*
  • M. Margaret Boyle*
  • Walter L. “Salty” Brine *
  • Thomas J. Broccoli*
  • Geraldine A. Carley*
  • Alpin Chisholm and Mary Beth Annarella
  • Will Collette
  • Catherine O’Reilly Collette
  • Rev. Raymond F. Collins
  • William E. Creedon*
  • Marjorie W. Crook*
  • Mafalda A. Del Nero*
  • Karen DelPonte
  • David R. Ebbitt*
  • Joy Emery
  • Elizabeth W. Fiske*
  • Denise and Raymond Gaillaguet*
  • Florence B. Garin*
  • Betsey and George Goodwin
  • Phyllis Hamabe*
  • Edwin H. Hastings*
  • Rev. Joseph P. Heaney*
  • Catherine M. Hill*
  • Mary L. Howe*
  • Reverend James P. Hynes*
  • Ed and Joyce* Jankowski
  • Patricia G. Jennings
  • Maurice P. Julien*
  • Natalie Kampen*
  • Lorinne T. Knight*
  • Mary Ann Laurans*
  • Raymond T. Laurans*
  • Edward Lombardi*
  • Helen L. Lyons*
  • John and Kristin Marovelli
  • Ursula M. McElroy*
  • Mary Anne McQuaid*
  • William E. Mershon*
  • A. Edmund Miele*
  • Frances M. Miele*
  • Linda l. Moulton
  • Lester H. Nathan
  • Ruth A. Ranger
  • Richard A. Reynolds*
  • Vivian B. Ross*
  • Rosemarie Ruckmann*
  • John C. Sarafian*
  • Jean H. Scott*
  • Penny R. Seacord
  • Ida M. Segall*
  • Fred R. Smith*
  • Kristy Snyder
  • Diane and Douglas Stacy
  • Laura and Michael Sullivan
  • William Walter
  • Virginia Wilcox*
  • James J. and Lynn A. Wojtyto
  • Mabel T. Wooley*
  • John D. Work*

* Deceased