Will and Catherine O'Reilly Collette: Creating a Legacy of Social Action

Will and Catherine O'Reilly ColletteWill and Catherine O'Reilly Collette deeply understand the importance of playing a role in the well-being of our neighbors in need. As social activists, they support organizations fighting poverty. "I'm a lifetime organizer, and it's always been important for us to help those on the front lines working for social change," explains Will.

Will worked for 25 years in the non-profit realm, and Catherine is now retired from her job as a department head for a national labor union. Will adds "Supporting the Food Bank is a very direct way for us to affect people's lives in a positive way, which has always been one of our priorities."

As donors through our Sustainer's Harvest monthly giving program, the Collettes' generosity provides a consistent revenue source for the Food Bank. "You don't have to give a huge amount to make a difference," Catherine says.

In addition to their monthly gifts, the Collettes, who do not have children, have designated the Food Bank as an IRA beneficiary, creating a lasting legacy that will help future generations. Catherine continues, "It's a great feeling to think we can help after we're gone. You don't have to leave everything to family. You can certainly put some aside for your community."